Road Safety Fortnight Campaign

Who else than Kanha Makhan Millennium School is more bothered about its children’s safety? And where does safety begin? ROADS!! We have full knowledge that students, in their newfound youth, wish to experiment with everything: tools, materials, stationery, knowledge, and most notorious of all, speed. Therefore, as a safety measure, we promulgated the ‘Road Safety Fortnight Campaign’ in our School to instruct and alert our students of the consequences of ‘recklessness on roads’, how to prevent it, the basic road signs and focused radically on the importance of wearing helmets. The assembly was concluded with the ‘golden words’ from our Principal Sir who brought into the picture the statistics of casualties (permanent, fatal, and chronic) by road accidents and elaborated on the importance of driving within speed limits. A VERY LONG ROAD AND RIDE TO THE SAFE FUTURE!!

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