Kanha Makhan Millennium School held a Parent-Teacher Meeting on 11 August 2023. We provided the guardians of our wards an opportunity to meet with their teachers in a convivial setting and get to know of their progress. The symposium also provided a platform to understand the child better, both for the parents and the teachers. Apart from the discussion on the child’s performance we also had a SURPRISE planned for our parents. AN EXHIBHITION! We displayed the working and non-working modelsmade by our students such as a working quiz board for English that light up when you match the correct pair, working clocks, projects on real numbers, a hydro JCB (would you believe?) and many more. THAT’s RIGHT! A beautiful blend of surprises and assessment. With this, we not only took our parents by awe, we also took time to hear them out and give a detailed report of their ward’s performance, which not to mention, is always excellent (in our school, of course!) No doubt, PTMs are memorable days for KanhaMakhan Millennium School.

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