Photography Competition

Gala is ALLRREADDY on! Much awaited Inter-Branch fest Paridhi: A Carnival of Craftsmanship is closing in and it’s coming with a whole parade of pomp and show. The excitement has reached its peak and here’s how it began: With a Photography Competition. The photographers of six branches of KanhaMakhan Group of Schools scrutinized the beautiful and historic Deeg Palace, Rajasthan and clicked some of the most appeasing shots. The beauty, serenity, and mesmerizing air of old days of Kings and Queens woke the muse of our in-making photographers and stirred the ancient desire: To capture, to immortalize what we find beautiful…what’s better THAN 1…2…3… FLASH. But what these photographers didn’t know while they were busy framing the charm and allure of what they beheld, they were in frame too.

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