A mother plays the role of a child’s first teacher, and her teachings will guide you throughout your journey of life.” Kanha Makhan Millennium School takes immense pride in flaunting the festival to honour the seldom praised conscientious, sedulous and altruistic efforts a child’s first teacher put into shaping his brilliance. The mothers of our children were invited to the school and were given a little treat by their bundles of joy through dazzling dance performances that depicted themes such as a warm relationship between a mother and her child, and gratitude to her. The stage was also graced by a mother-daughter duo dance performance that delved into the nostalgic aspect of motherhood after a child grows up. A play was also presented by Second class students that explored an encompassing role of mothers. For the mother’s entertainment various skill-based and luck-based games were organised. The winners of skill-based games are as follows:
1.DRAG THE BALL- Mrs Sapna Yadav – Shubh Yadav 1st B
2.DRESS THE DOLL- Mrs Sonal Agrawal – Samarth Agrawal 2nd A
3.COLLECT ‘EM CANDIES – Mrs Anamika Sharma – Pihu Sharma 1st A
A selfie corner was set up for them and for us to lock the moments in the vaults of our memory. And because it was still not enough of gratitude to them, the mothers were first gratified by brochures and then laden with takeaway gifts.

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