KMMS Kavya Pratiyogita

Kanha Makhan Millennium School celebrated the unrivalled exuberance of poetry by organising ‘Kavya Pratiyogita’ on the topic ‘Siksha’ for the students of grades 6th to 8th on 10 May 2023. Poetry is the language of the soul and it is vital to keep the children connected to it, and what superior means than poetry to achieve that objective? Poetry elucidates the hardest, most complex and most exasperating of all lessons in the most decorated yet simple manner for its listeners, reciters and composers alike. And our young ballads showcased its power not only through the embellishments of language- meter, rhyme, metaphors or similes’- but indeed through the right pitch and modulation of voice, unblemished articulations, phenomenal gesticulations and arresting expressions. Although each recitation was ‘a thing of beauty’ and kept ‘a bower quiet for’ its listeners, a few that enthralled listeners were awarded ranks.

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