A child becomes robust only when subjected to umpteen challenges routinely. Challenges teach us something essential about the art of living and each challenge overcame is a proud olive branch added to your dignity. We keep pushing the limits of our students to enhance their persona and metamorphose into better individuals. This time, to train students’ mental faculty, Kanha Makhan Millennium School organised an Intra-House Science Quiz for its students of Classes 3rd-5th. The quiz, conducted in four rounds (jumble words, picture-based questions, direct questions and buzzer round), was designed to tutor the students in the indispensable lessons of alertness, coordination, and ingenuity along with testing their science. These young enthusiasts trod the winding road of science which was, at times, far beyond what they could endure, but they kept on the path and learnt the anatomy of a subject rare at their ages. Finally, science didn’t stir any horror in the students rather provoked their spirits to soar higher in the domain and the highest to rise were:
1st Position- Red House
2nd Position- Blue House
3rd Position- Green House

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