Inter House PowerPoint Presentation

Technology is the essence of twenty-first century. Its rapid spread is faster than the sun’s rays encompassing the sky.
Keeping abreast of development, Kanha Makhan Millennium School organized a Inter House PowerPoint Presentation Competition for it students of Classes 6th to 8th. It’s tacit that in the postmodern era a child is born into the hands of technology but redirecting them to use it to the benefits of mankind and universe is a colossal mission, the responsibility of which lies with the educational institutions. Entering the Brave New World, students integrated the effective tools such as animation, designs, images, graphics, transitions, fonts to not only talk about but also EXHIBIT multifarious topics such as Renaissance Art, Life of APJ Abdul Kalam, Pollution, Mumbai, Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu amongst many.
While all of our students put on a great show of skills, some demonstrated exceptional dexterity with the computers and expressions of content and we brand these as winners, whom are:

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