Kanha Makhan Millennium School is dedicated to the welfare of its students. We organized an Inter-House Debate Competition on ‘Are People in Our Generation becoming Technological Zombies’ Our students disseminated crucial information about the advantages and disadvantages of technology and threw light on how we’re all degrading into ‘technological zombies.’ Predictions of Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t a myth after all. But does it mean that we should throw away our mobile phones and live a life of primeval man? The students speaking against the motion were there to remind you about its resourcefulness during COVID19. We traversed from AI to Vibrator Belts, from ISRO and Chandrayan 3 to clicks and snaps at dinner table. Anyway, our students of classes 9 and 10 did a successful job warning you about the use of technology and how a slip of a moment can result into a ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’
The winners are as follows:
1st Position: Cygnus House- Kinjal , Manvi.
2nd Position: Hercules House- Ananya Bansal,Janvi
3rd Position: Pegasus-Nishant, Raghav.

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