Inter- Branch Badminton Tournament

Inter- Branch Badminton Tournament in Kanha Makhan Millennium school Sports is the platform that brings out the best and lets the sweat do the rest to prepare a sport person for the upcoming challenges. The competition stimulates every student and opens the door of growth and development. Amidst the electrifying enthusiasm and excitement, Inter-Branch Badminton Tournament was held in Kanha Makhan Millennium School for Boys and Girls in “Singles” and “Doubles” category. KMMS Team grabbed 6 Gold medals and attained first position. KMPS Saraswati Kund team stood runner up bagging 4 Gold medals. It was a healthy competition which was relished by all and motivated others. Director Sir Mr. Lalit Agrawal congratulated all the participants. . He emphasized on the sportsman spirit. He mentioned that sports inculcates team spirit, positive and competitive attitude and ultimately creates on overall developed personality.

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