Athkheliyan KanhaMakhan Group of Schools is the only hub where academia agreeably shakes hands with extracurriculars. Besides, our exceptional feats in the educational arena, KMGS is also the nucleus where the celebration of talents of all kinds happens. When PARAMPARA, PARIDHI, and NIRMANA weren’t already breaking new ground, our toddlers were getting impatient to showcase […]

Halloween Fest

There’s no lie in saying that KanhaMakhan Millennium School is a world stage. A globe encompassed in premises like, in our opinion, an educational institution should be. Because in a globalized world, we can’t afford our students to be a frog of the well. So, except for a parade of festivals, October is also home to a HORRIFYing celebration: HALLOWEEN. We turned our school into a haunted house for the celebration, and our children dressed as ghosts delivered various dance, music, and drama performances to escalate the horror vibes. As if this wasn’t enough, our children of classes 3 to 5 came dressed as ghosts, leaving us afraid of our shadows. DISCLAIMER: Watch these pictures at your own risk.

Photography Competition

Photography Competition FlashartGala is ALLRREADDY on! Much awaited Inter-Branch fest Paridhi: A Carnival of Craftsmanship is closing in and it’s coming with a whole parade of pomp and show. The excitement has reached its peak and here’s how it began: With a Photography Competition. The photographers of six branches of KanhaMakhan Group of Schools scrutinized […]


DUSSHERA AND RAMLEELA GOOD OVER EVILWell, the title speaks for itself, we don’t need to define what Kanha Makhan Millennium School is celebrating: DUSSHERAA—a procession of activities: Dance, Ramleela , Quiz, etc. kept the audience engaged while simultaneously tutoring them on the myth, details, and rituals of the fest. The air in KMMS changed to […]

Teach the Teachers

Teach the Teachers Teach theTeachers A Workshop by @pearsonofficial This habit of uncompromising excellence has led us to TEACH the TEACHERS, (which, not to mention, were proficient enough), yes, you heard it right! KanhaMakhan Group of Schools invited Pearson Publishing House to organize a workshop for the teachers of Social Science, Science, and Mathematics. So, […]

Happy Birthday Lalit Sir

Happy Birthday Lalit Sir Happiest Birthday to You For a person, birthday is his/her most special day. But only a few people are lucky to have their special day made special for others. #Happy #Birthday, Director sir! You have worked round the clock to give this organization its present shape and form. Your labor not only […]

Leadership Talk Mr. Varun Ahuja

#Leaders are not born, they are forged
Our furnace does not produce them obliging, conventional man well suited for someone else’s world. Here at KanhaMakhan Millennium School, we build creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, the emperors and how do we achieve that end? We understand the simple algorithm that 99 per cent of your success is determined by your reference group, so we engage with leaders. For that purpose we invited MrVarunAhuja, Head of Operations at Gati KWE for an interactive session with the students of classes 9-12. In such an intellectual air, the speaker cultivated the crucial value of leadership (Indeed leadership is a trait, not a habit) and passing beyond his discourse talked about the future of Logistics, it’s contribution to the GDP, and laid out career options for the leaders in building.

KMMS Hindi Diwas

कान्हा माखन मिलेनियम विद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस का आयोजन

आज दिनांक 14 सितम्बर को कान्हा माखन मिलेनियम विद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर समारोह का आयोजन किया गया। इस अवसर पर विद्यार्थियों द्वारा हिंदी में प्रार्थना सभा का आयोजन करते हुए विभिन्न कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किये गये जिनमें – कविता वाचन, श्लोक गायन, भाषण, नृत्य इत्यादि प्रमुख रहे।