An Inter-School Team Debate Competition (BEHES DEBATE) was held at Kanha Makhan Millennium School organized by BEHES on 30th and 31st October, 2022.Every Behes tournament is a celebration of ideas, with students exploring a wide variety of topics and critically examining them. The endeavor was to develop a child into a competent rational thinker who would communicate with confidence. The free-flowing debate format encourages the growth of research, collaborative and analytical along with oratory skills.
Every topic given was a challenge for speakers and they geared themselves suitably for their turn to debate on. 32 teams from 7 reputed schools of Mathura and Agra participated in the competition. The contestants were divided into two groups- The Lions (age group 14-18yrs) and the Cubs (age group 10-13yrs). This tournament was conducted in our campus under the supervision of Behes Team members Mr. Salil & Ms. Muskan.It was a moment of immense pride when our students won multiple awards at the debate. Mr. Lalit Agrawal, Director congratulated the winners and lauded the efforts of BEHES team. Mr. Pramod Sharma, Principal appreciated the anticipation of all the participants.

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