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Trained & Experienced Teaching Faculty

Everyone at KANHA MAKHAN MILLENNIUM SCHOOL is dedicated to the development of academic excellence and creative fervour in the students. Both scholastic and non-scholastic teachers are well experienced and trained in their relevant fields. The school is led by an extremely talented team of passionate individuals and expert instructors. Each one of our teachers has an innate passion, not just to teach, but also to learn. Our teachers are experienced in their chosen field of specialization, where they dedicate most of their time in learning new strategies to engage children in classrooms and develop metacognition skills in them. They have a natural propensity to resolve each child’s queries and personalized feedback is given on their progress. They are trained to create worksheets on the principles of bloom’s taxonomy, create rigorous yet meaningful lesson plans on varied educational theories and conduct socratic seminars for confirmatory exercises. The school also strongly believes in developing its teachers and encouraging them to enhance their skills, the school conducts in-house training sessions by experts from various fields on technology, pedagogy, co-curriculuar and social-emotional skills, they are consistently monitored for their teaching prowess from time to time in alignment with the school’s policies. Collaborative workshops are also kept for them to emulate each other’s unique style of teaching and share best practices through bootcamp sessions.