Importance of English

In today’s era of globalisation the importance of effective communication is extremely important which creates the demand of knowledge and fluency in speaking a foreign language especially English. English has become the common language for every individual for communicating at professional and personal level. To make students understand the importance of English, Kanha Makhan Millennium School arranged for the workshop on importance of English by Oxford University Press for the students of KMMS. The workshop was addressed by Ms. Vinita Sareen, an expert in training, learning and development with vast experience. Students were exposed to the broader concept of English, how to learn it by major focus on listening, reading and by actions. A few of the interesting activities were conducted to clear the concept of English and to make the entire session interactive. The workshop was indeed a great opportunity for students to overcome their hesitation and fear of speaking in English. It was really a constructive approach by putting forward a step towards building up students’ confidence and honing their communication skills.

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