We all know that classes10 and 12 call for undivided attention on studies, these two years are the time when we give up joys to STUDY! In short, these are the years of All Work and no play. But doesn’t that make Jack a dull boy? In Kanha Makhan Millennium School, the teachers of classes 11 and 12 came up with a creative idea of blending fun and work! We organized an Eco Talk Show on the topic, ‘Is Canada Really Economically Prosper or is it a Mirage for Immigrants’, organized by Mr Sameer Ahuja. The talk show witnessed two teams: The Debentors led by Unnati Mittal and the Impact Makers led by Madhav Garg who debated on the given topic. The activity enhanced the understanding of the students, promoted them to think and have opinions about the ongoing challenges of global economies. And while our students proved that Kanha Makhan is no place for ordinary students and gave each other a tough time, the victorious were:

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